Dr. Nils Rettberg

Nils is a trained brewer and maltster holding a diploma in biotechnology with focus on brewing science. After accumulating sufficient skills in brewing and drinking beer, he developed a deep interest in analyzing molecules that make this excellent beverage either taste terribly good or horribly stale. Therefore, after graduating in 2011, Nils worked as research associate at TU Berlin (Chair of Bioanalytics) and VLB Berlin (Research Institute for Special Analyses). In 2014 he successfully defended his doctoral thesis on “Comprehensive analysis of hop secondary metabolites” that was focused on analytical methodologies to understand hop aroma and flavor. He is currently in charge of the VLB Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Analysis. This Institute comprises an accredited service lab for beer and spirit analysis, as well a group of scientists dedicated to versatile research in the field of beverage analysis and quality.