Welcome dear exhibitors to the best full-day conference for microbreweries!
A full-day conference program with speakers sharing practical experiences of increasing and securing quality in microbreweries.

The Swedish and Danish brewing industry is in constant change. In the early 90s there were 40 breweries while today there are more than 320 breweries producing beverages professionally in Sweden.

Would you like an exclusive way of meeting the microbrewers from Sweden and Denmark?

We are giving 10 companies the possibility of taking part in the Craft beer Conference in Malmö 2019.

You will have different opportunities to meet around 80 microbrewers during lunch interval and as well as its own session. Since we have a limited number of vendor stands, we will try to avoid duplicating the same product or service offerings.

Read more about the conference - www.facebook.com/craftbeermalmo/


If you would like to book one of our vendor stands, please submit your request to:


Price per vendor stand: Approximately 900 €, VAT excluded